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School of Sorores: Wedding Business Mentorship, Online Courses & Free Guides

Welcome to our first ever journal entry for wedding industry businesses and creative entrepreneurs. We will use this space to release new updates from our school and learning opportunities, as well as focusing on popular questions that come up via our instagram page and our one to one mentoring sessions.

The School of Sorores was founded and launched by Jessie Westwood, a luxury wedding planner and designer who also owns Studio Sorores and has a long career history in sectors which are perfectly combined to support you in transforming your own event business.

jessie westwood school of sorores wedding business and planner mentoring and online courses

We wanted to start by explaining a little bit more about what the School of Sorores is offering as we launch in 2024. Each business will have different needs and requirements depending on how established they are, their existing growth strategies, and which target markets they wish to attract.

Transform Your Wedding Business: Online e-Course and Webinar

We very purposefully started School of Sorores with a flagship online course that is appropriate for all wedding business owners, creative entrepreneurs or management staff. We do not focus on one particular sector within the wedding industry, but instead walk you through business planning, future growth, profitablity, PR and digital marketing, SEO, sustainability and much more.

With over a decade of experience coaching, mentoring, hosting workshops, being a guest speaker and representing the wedding industry on a national level in the UK, we know what business owners need to push their company or service to the next level, and ultimately achieve more success.

Rather than wasting time during live mentoring sessions in learning and understanding these fundamental areas that will 100% support you in gaining more clients or increasing your turnover, we would encourage everyone to take the online course before booking in 1:1 support in specific clearly identifiable areas that need the most support. In that way we can offer you maximum value, and minimum impact on time away from your business.

It doesn't matter if you are a newly launched wedding business, or somebody who is deeply experienced and talented in the industry - this course will help you.

transform your wedding business profitable growth wedding planner online course

Bespoke Live 1:1 Mentoring

This isn't something we've just started, it's been a passion for many years. Whether it has been specific training around a technical area of running a business, personal support in developing an entrepreneurial mindset, or an in depth and deep dive into marketing activities or brand identity... we've done it. And not just for wedding businesses!

We are proud to be able to bring in expertise from multiple corporate and lifestyle industries, giving you a more outward looking approach and completely comprehensive support.

The process starts with a decision as to whether you want a focused hour long mentoring session dedicated to a specific area you know needs attention, or if you want to invest in a much more bespoke full day mentoring experience.

We will then send you a detailed introductory Q&A to determine how we can best support you, and develop a personalised approach to mentoring on a date that works for you. We are happy to visit you in your place of work, or choose an inspiring location to meet up, as long as you book the full day package. For one hour sessions, unless you are local to us, we will be delivering these online.

Coming soon.... regularing mentoring and long term support membership and subscriptions!

Join now for FREE!

The most important element of School of Sorores is that we build a community of like minded professionals who are committed to raising standards and delivering the very best products and services to couples for their wedding celebrations.

You can get involved now by becoming a member and enjoying our FREE guides, and start earning loyalty rewards to gain discounts on coaching and online courses.

We will be launching new guides, online courses, masterclasses and partnerships in the months to follow, so please do follow us on instagram to make sure you know what's happening in the SOS world! Please do comment below with any questions or topics you'd like us to cover more on. We will absolutely listen.

What are you most interested in?

  • Online Courses & Masterclasses

  • One to One Mentoring & Coaching

  • Free guides & Community Membership

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