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five reasons you need to book a wedding business mentor

You may be totally dedicated to growing your wedding business, you may have invested in online courses, read lifestyle and coaching books, listened to podcasts, implemented change... and yet still feel you are not achieving your potential?

If this sounds like you, it could be time to consider mentorship with a professional who is dedicated to providing one to one live support, and a bespoke approach to supporting and helping you thrive. Hiring the right mentor is the single most important step in moving forward, and it's imperative that you find someone that not only has the experience, talent and skills to deliver what they promise, but also someone who has a personality that engages and inspires you to commit and show up in ways that will progress you further and offer the highest value.

We thought it would be useful to share some of our most often cited reasons for finding a wedding business mentor. To each their own, so if this isn't you but you still want some personalised professional advice, then please do go ahead and book in a session.


The problem a lot of creative entrepreneurs and business owners often have is that they do not have a trusted advisor who can provide much needed constructive criticism around what is or isn't working for their company, the brand, the level of service and customer engagement.

You may be extremely talented with an objectively successful business so far... but perhaps feel like growth has slowed or stagnated, or that you feel a desire to grow further for the future but are too busy or overwhelmed to put the plan into action.

Friends and family are probably in awe of what you do, and lack the industry awareness to give effective feedback required. A great mentor will honestly and constructively assess areas of your life or business that need improvement. Without objective insight, your career and business growth will take much longer to achieve. It's essential to create a strategy which will support you reaching your goals.


Of course sometimes you may have all the business acumen, insight and talent to create an amazing service or products for the wedding sector, but lack academic or logistical acumen in order to take yourself to market with the right audience, increase sales and customers, and deliver at the right expectation.

Whether you're thinking of starting out in the wedding industry, perhaps considering changing careers, or even if you are experienced and well established - great mentors will have experienced a similar journey. Ideally you will find a mentor who can give you the best insight into your current position as well as your future vision and purpose. Connecting with someone who can relate or has similar experiences with your own is essential, and ideally they will be able to share their qualifications and career experience to date to enable you to make that decision more easily.


Sometimes the greatest thing holding us back is ourselves. It's not unusual to feel imposter syndrome, or t start doubting your talent and commitment. Finding a mentor who can support you emotionally will be a huge boost of confidence, and sometimes targeted personalised words of encouragement are all that you need to inspire and give energy back to a project or life goal.. A scarcity mindset, ot negative thoughts, might have crept up on you without notice and started to impact your approach to life and business. Increased use of social media and the negative impact of comparison and competition can be the sole driver for a slow down in growth or transformation.

Positive encouragement, a change in thinking, and a person to be accountable to, will all help motivate you to show up, despite challenges or set backs.


The theory of business planning, goal setting and implementation of strategy may be something you are aware needs doing, but perhaps you find that process overwhelming, hard to do objectively, or even bottom of the "to do" list while busy fulfilling orders and completing client projects.

If you need assistance with setting and achieving business growth goals, then a mentor with the right knowledge and skills will be the perfect partner, and will continue to hold you accountable with implementation.

A mentor should be helping to develop your career by setting new short and long term goals with you and providing clarity on how to take action and implement those plans.

When we first begin working with clients we send a detailed Q&A to help us determine what those goals and future plans should be - stating these in writing, without fear, can be an exciting step towards making the changes required.


A really great mentor will not gate keep their connections and community, instead choosing to partner you with other like minded business owners, industry events and potential partnerships. They get joy watching others thrive, and their own abundance mindset is geared towards fostering community and collaboration over competition. A great mentor in the right industry could change your career significantly with introductions and netowrking opportunities.


Do those five reasons resonate with you? Book in an hourly or one day intensive mentoring session with Jessie Westwood at the School of Sorores to help transform your wedding business today.


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